About us

Caribbean Facilities Corporation Limited was established in February 1995. Its prime focus is to offer comprehensive service to clients in the area of maintenance management.


Over the past five years, the organization has made tremendous progress to fulfil these objectives but recognizes that much is still required to be done.  Facility, equipment and plant owners are being sensitized to the necessity of keeping their investment in good repair.


Building, in particular, often represent the most expensive investment a client may make.  Private sector owners generally cater for maintenance of their facility over its life, however public sector property is often neglected and end up dilapidated or in ruins.  These trends need to be reversed.  With the technological advances in building products and systems it is necessary that those charged with facility maintenance are equipped with the necessary expertise to undertake the technical work required.

Caribbean Facilities Corporation Limited is committed to keeping abreast of all new and relevant technological advances in the field of maintenance.  Our staff continually upgrades their skill by attending training courses and seminars locally and abroad.  Customer satisfaction is our ‘raison d’etre’ and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality client service.

We look forward to adding your name to our list of clients.

Our Team

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

Lenox Fingal

Director Technical Services

Reynold Patrick

Project Director

Darryl King

Architectural Design

Brent Fingal

Facilites Manager

Mervin Fingal

Project Manger

Wayne Ramsay

Project Manager

Shawn Melville

Project Manager

James Delpesh

Quality Surveyor

Sean Alfred

Project Supervisor

Lincoln Berkeley

Project Supervisor

Roxanne Fingal

Health Safety & Environmental Manager

Nicole Wynne

Safety Officer

Address:  #97 Xavier Street Extension ,Chaguanas, 

                 Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

Phone:    1-868-671-8811

Fax:        1-868-671-8820

Email:     contact@cdlgroup.tt

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